Revealed: A Natural Powerful Weapon To Control Wrinkles As You Age

Sleep is one of important daily process in our life. But, right now in the United States alone, it is estimated that approximately 60 – 80 million people have some form of sleep disorder. This number continues to rise. The hustle and bustle of life can become so overwhelming that sleep becomes the first thing to sacrifice. Many people can admit that for whatever reason they do not get enough sleep and it affects not only the body function but also our mind.

Sleep allows our body to rest. But, many people do not realize that while their body may be asleep their mind and other bodily functions are not. The sleep period allows the body to regroup and recharge. As I mentioned before, sleeping is our body’s primary opportunity to produce growth hormone, a hormone that produce in our brain that can give so many benefits to our overall health. But, the problem is, as we get older, our need to sleep relatively decreased. The time spent eight hours for sleep by older adults will continue to experience significant declines with age. Older adults are often wake up and spend more time while awake than those of younger adults. This can bring so many unwanted impacts to our body. What are the impacts if we lack of sleep?

Many people may say that changes in sleep patterns are normal part of the aging process, but many other factors common in older people contribute to sleep problems. These include physical illness and changes in activity or social life. Sleep disorders decrease quality of life in older people by causing daytime sleepiness, tiredness, and lack of energy. Poor quality of sleep also one of the main cause of confusion, difficulty concentrating, and poor performance on tasks. Sleep disorders are also linked with face-dark circles, sallow skin, and wrinkles–the obvious signs of aging. How?

You see, when you sleep, your body is able to reduce its concentration of cortisol, a hormone that is always present in our blood in some amount. Keeping the level of cortisol constantly high can increase your stress levels, which leads to (among other things) increased facial tension causing deep wrinkles. Not only that, but cortisol is a diuretic, causing the loss of water from our bodies’ tissues. To add on cortisol lowers our bodies’ immune functions, reducing their ability to fight off infection, inflammation and free-radicals. Worse enough, cortisol inhibits the body’s ability to produce collagen, meaning the rate at which skin wrinkles and loses its elasticity will increase.
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