Wondering Why Sleep Deprivation is Bad for You?

If there is one thing that a person is all too willing to sacrifice in order to finish the job, prolong the video game and TV time, or simply have fun with friends, it is going to be sleep. Many think that sleep is just a luxury that one can easily give giving up.

In reality, however, sleep is as important as food and shelter. You may be able to survive for years without watching television or playing videogames, but you cannot stay healthy and well if you skip sleep even for just a few days.

When you were in your teens, you probably thought that the effects of lack of sleep were not that visible or serious. However, as you grow older and your sleep debt has become enormous, you will feel and experience the ill-effects of skipping sleep. Here are some of the consequences of lack of sleep to watch out for:

  1. Not Good For Your Brain – You will notice that when you are unable to sleep properly for a while, you tend to be forgetful and easily distracted. In fact, many vehicular and mechanical accidents are due to lack of focus which is common in sleep-deprived individuals. Furthermore, your brain may not create new cells if you do not sleep well.
  2. Raised Risks of Diabetes – Diabetes is a metabolic disease that nobody wants to suffer from. Aside from being difficult to maintain, this condition also increases a person’s risk of having heart disease and many other serious illnesses. Studies have shown that a substantial percentage of people who have diabetes, particularly the adult-onset type, do not have a healthy sleeping habit.
  3. Increased Risks of Obesity – A lot of studies confirm the link between obesity and sleep deprivation. It seems that a huge number of individuals who sleep for less than six to seven hours a night usually have a BMI, which is also known as body mass index, of over 30. One of the reasons behind this is that lack of sleep can modify metabolism and also alter production patters of hormones that are responsible for suppressing your appetite and making you feel satiated longer.
  4. Increased Susceptibility to Cancer – As mentioned earlier, sleep deprivation can also wreak havoc to the levels of brain chemicals and hormones in your body. As a result, your biorhythm, or what is also called circadian rhythm, is affected and altered. Some experts believe that the changes in your body rhythm may contribute to the progression of cancer cells. Reference: HealthDarts
  5. Premature Aging – Wrinkles, skin discoloration and eye bags are just some of the things that you will see on your face and eyes if you do not have ample sleep. So if you do not want to look stressed out or tired all the time, you better try harder to sleep soundly at night. If you find yourself being unable to catch a snooze at night, you may want to use herbal supplements that contain ingredients such as GABA, L-Theanine, 5-HTP to help ease your mind and promote sleep.