The Dream Diet: Losing Weight While You Sleep

Can more sleep really help us control our weight? Three top experts explore the possibilities. By Colette Bouchez WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-Feature Lose weight while you sleep. It sounds like something you’d hear on a late night infomercial — just around the time you are reaching for that bag of cookies because, well, you can’t Read the full article

Stopping Sleepiness

The Search for Biomarkers That Flag Fatigue Before We Know We’re Impaired Published in The Wall Street Journal By ANDREA PETERSEN It’s a puzzle that has long plagued scientists: How to easily measure sleepiness before we notice it ourselves. Researchers in labs around the world are making headway and envisioning a future in which testing Read the full article

How Sleeping Well Affects Your Health As You Age

Helpful Sleep Tips for Seniors As we age we often experience normal changes in our sleeping patterns. We may become sleepier earlier in the evening, wake up earlier in the morning, and enjoy less deep sleep. However, disturbed sleep, waking up tired every day, and other symptoms of insomnia are not a normal part of Read the full article

Sleep Well and Live a Healthier Life – Athletes and Sleep Airway Disorders

Well, you can’t say they give up easily. Once again, the makers of Nyquil cough and sleep medicine are once again running commercials that display loud snoring as normal sleep behavior. It doesn’t make any difference that the “sleeper” is New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees … the fact remains that the kind of snoring Read the full article

Sleep Disturbances: Your Heart is at Risk

Sleep Disturbance and Stress – Weight Gain – Stroke – Heart Disease Experts believe that almost 50% of all sleep problems are due to stress. Work-related issues followed by family and children-related issues top the list of what keeps America up at night. As a result, needed leisure is squeezed into those critical hours once Read the full article

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